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Relationships are hard. Sustaining a long-term relationship or marriage takes effort, dedication, and lots of hard work. But sometimes, even the most seemingly ideal relationships can start to suffer. And often, life's stresses and demands can take a toll on even the most stable of relationships. So if you and your partner could use some help with the issues you're currently facing, couple's therapy at the Door of Hope Counselling Clinic can help you get started in the right direction.  

Couple's counselling at the Door of Hope Counselling Clinic is designed to help couples learn about the relational dance: the destructive patterns of relating to self and others. At the Door of Hope Counselling Clinic you will learn effective ways of conflict resolution and communication skills, which will improve your relationship skills.


Helping You Work Past Your Issues


It's natural to argue or disagree on occasion. But when you find yourself at odds with your partner more often than not, it's time to address the situation before it gets worse. Couple's counselling at the Door of Hope Counselling Clinic can work with you and your partner to help you better communicate and work through the issues impacting your relationship.  

Here to Help


You deserve to enjoy vibrant, rich and healthy relationships. The Door of Hope Counselling Clinic wants to support you. 

For more information about Couple's Therapy at the Door of Hope Counselling Clinic in Port Coquitlam, please call (604) 790-9032 or complete and send the Contact Form below. We’re here to help you start your journey of healing. 


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